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We’re making waves with leadership giving. The Keel Club recognizes leadership donors who improve the lives of people in need with gifts of $1,000-$9,999 annually.

Last year, there were over 1,600 Keel Club members, whose donations totaled $2.5 million to United Way’s Rhode Island’s annual campaign.

Current Members

We are thankful for our Keel Club members. Last year:

  • More than $1.2. million designated to United Way’s Community Impact Fund.
  • Eighty percent of members gave through their employer.
  • Almost 30 percent of members used United Way’s free donor advised fund, MyFundTM.
  • More than 115 women participated in Women United, tackling the issues of childhood literacy.
  • More than 75 individuals participated in the Young Leaders Circle, the largest young professional network in Rhode Island.

You will:

  • Join a statewide network of leadership donors.
  • Access a free donor advised fund, MyFundTM.
  • Be recognized publicly for your gift.
  • Engage with members at special events and volunteer projects.

Giving Levels

$500 – $999……………….Skiff Crew*

$1,000 – $2,999………….Intrepid Crew

$3,000 – $6,999…………Freedom Crew

$7,000 – $9,999…………Stars & Stripes Crew

* Skiff Crew recognition is available to members of our Young Leaders Circle. Benefits are limited to public recognition of your gift and invitation to the Leadership Thank You Celebration.

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Amanda Heinsen
Director, Major Gifts


Not only will you contribute to the things that matter, but also your gifts will directly support people in need because all of our fundraising costs are paid by a permanent trust.