UWRI Releases RFP for Housing For All Fund, Sets October 31 Deadline

United Way of Rhode Island (UWRI) has announced the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the second year of its Housing For All Fund. The application process is currently open and available; the deadline to submit applications is by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

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The Housing For All Fund was established in March 2016, following UWRI convening more than 300 Rhode Islanders at its Housing For All summit to help answer the question, “How can we ensure that all Rhode Islanders have access to housing that is safe, healthy, and affordable?”  In a state where 40 percent of households are cost-burdened and spend more than one-third of their income on housing, working families are faced with difficult choices among the basic needs they can afford. Additionally, Rhode Island is one of only nine states without a dedicated funding source for affordable housing.

In response to the ideas to emerge from the housing summit to address the issue of housing affordability, UWRI awarded $155,000 from the Housing For All Fund in 2016 to support the implementation of the most innovative strategies. To continue the momentum, UWRI is looking to fund organizations, coalitions, or community groups willing to work together to further the recommendations found in the Housing For All Report. Applicants can apply for a maximum of $50,000 per proposal.

Through its Housing For All Fund RFP, UWRI is accepting proposals for new and existing programs, and previous Housing For All grantees may apply for a second round of funding. All applicants and programs, regardless of previous funding, will be evaluated under the same criteria. The grant cycle for this RFP is January 2018—December 2018 for a one-time grant. At the end of the grand period, depending on project effectiveness and funding, UWRI will evaluate how to continue to support the funded agencies in their efforts addressing housing affordability. The fully-detailed RFP can be found here.

To begin the application process, those interested are asked to request access to UWRI’s online application portal. Questions about the Housing For All Fund RFP may be directed to Naomi Leipold at Naomi.Leipold@uwri.org.