UWRI launches new online giving tool: MyFund

Are you ready?

Ready or not, the holidays are coming. And so is year end. Maybe you’d like to take advantage of the tax savings of a charitable donation, but you just don’t have the time (right now) to research and select the right charities for you.

Good news for busy donors: United Way of Rhode Island recently launched a giving tool that allows you to make a gift before December 31, take a full year to choose your charities, churches and schools to receive funds, and get a tax receipt for 2017.

Offered only through United Way of Rhode Island, MyFund provides a unique “online banking experience” that makes charitable giving quick, easy, and secure. MyFund is a free service for donors who live or work in Rhode Island.

Here’s How It Works

A MyFund account can be set up with a minimum pledge of $1000. Donors will have up to a year to distribute their funds, in increments as low as $25, to any 501c3 organizations located across the country. The online experience makes giving to multiple charities quick and easy, and gives donors access to their giving histories and balances at any time.

Best of all? Donors receive one tax receipt from United Way for all of their charitable donations.

What About the Fees?

MyFund is completely free for donors and for charities – United Way doesn’t take any fees, thanks to a trust that covers all of our administrative overhead. 100% of every donation reaches people and programs that need assistance.

Already Have a MyFund account?

If you opened your account before June 30, 2017, and have a gift balance you’d like to “spend” before the end of the year, make your gift recommendations by December 31, 2017. At the end of year, funds that have been in the account prior to June 30 and remain undesignated will transfer to the Community Impact Fund, where 100% of all donations support people and programs in Rhode Island.

Bottom Line: Stash Your Cash

If you’re considering year-end giving and haven’t yet decided where to make a contribution, open a MyFund account today. You’ll get a tax receipt for 2017 and have an entire year to make your gift designations. A free, online MyFund account helps donors by making giving to charity quick, easy and secure.

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