Tony MaioneWelcome

Because everyone needs help sometimes, we help people. United Way of Rhode Island helps children fall in love with learning, and we help families with the essentials. We support programs that offer training and education that leads to better jobs and careers. And, we provide everyone with one number to call, 2-1-1, whether the need is childcare, health insurance or tax preparation, help starts with a human connection.

We also help donors and volunteers by making it easy to contribute. We welcome gifts to any 501c3 in the country and our donors can be confident that their gifts go directly to people and programs, as a trust covers 100% of our overhead. And our volunteers can give their time at any number of our annual events, through their workplace, or through an opportunity tailored to their talents.

Together, we’re changing lives and strengthening our community, and we can’t do it alone.

Anthony Maione
President and CEO, United Way of Rhode Island