Rhode Island-based Resources

General Data and Data Stories
  • DataSpark has already created numerous infographics and other materials on issues UWRI cares about. Before re-creating the wheel, or if you need some already processed data, go to DataSpark.
  • RI Data Hub (run by DataSpark) has many data stories, data reports, and even a data catalog with info on adult education, housing, workforce, health, etc.
Children’s Well Being and Education
Health and Well-being
Rhode Island Economy and Workforce
Rhode Island Food Security
Rhode Island Housing-Related Issues
  • Housing Works RI has their factbook online, as well as information about housing trends, housing in Rhode Island’s cities and towns, affordable housing, and housing and the Affordable Care Act.

National Resources with Rhode Island-specific Data

General Data and Data Stories
  • American Community Survey by the United States Census Bureau: Offers a broad range of data, both raw and processed, about Rhode Island and its various communities. Many research and data entities uses the ACS data as the basis of their work.
  • Brookings Institute: Provides a wide array of materials from the international to the local. Focuses largely on economics, cities, and policy.
  • Pew Research Center: Pew researches numerous social issues and is a great place to begin the hunt for research and data on nearly any social topic.
  • *Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: Data on the United States and countries all over the world with particular indicators on demographics, debt, environmental issues and much more. A plethora of information.

*International focus

Children’s Well Being and Education
Health and Well-being
Adult Education
Economy and Workforce
Food Security
Housing-Related Issues