2018-19 Campaign Leaders Kit

Campaign Leaders, we've got the tools you need to run a successful workplace campaign. Use the menu at the top, or simply scroll down to access logos, email templates, pledge forms, and more.


Campaign Leaders Guide

This helpful guide is full of campaign tips and updates on what's happening at United Way of Rhode Island.

8 Steps to a Successful Campaign

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to running a successful workplace campaign.


Sample Emails

We've done the work for you; these five emails are ready to be sent.

What Can a Dollar Buy Flyer

Here’s a sample of how various giving levels can support our community through weekly payroll deduction.

Campaign Video

In this year's campaign video we meet Joe. When Joe gives to United Way of Rhode Island's Community Impact Fund he knows 100% of his donation goes to help the community. Since our expenses are paid by a long-standing trust, Joe's gift goes exactly where he intended it to.

Social Media Kit

Be a social media superstar. Copy and paste messages from this kit to your own social media channels.

Themes, Incentives & Activities

Want to make your campaign exciting? Use some of the following ideas to make your campaign memorable and successful.

New Hires

What do you do if a company has a new hire? You can find everything you need right here.


Pledge Forms

Here's our 2018-19 pledge form. Have questions on how to fill it out? We've got instructions in both English and Spanish.

E-Pledge Information

E-Pledge is a no-cost, electronic giving and donor management tool for Rhode Island companies that can increase the efficiency of your workplace campaign.


Branding Guidelines

Get copies of our logo here or click below for the full guide.

Thank You

Thank you for being an important part of this year's workplace campaigns. Your support is helping fund proven programs that make a difference in the lives of people right here in the Ocean State. Together, we will change the lives of 250,000 Rhode Islanders by 2020.