Since 2008, the philanthropic landscape in Rhode Island has had a slow recovery. More than 90,000 households — including 230,000 people – in Rhode Island are struggling to meet basic needs. And nearly 20% of Rhode Island children live in poverty.

The United Way’s State of the State data dashboard is a snapshot of data and research from education, economic and financial stability, and health and well-being. As you navigate through these data, please note that they represent merely a sampling of the many complex issues, challenges, and opportunities facing Rhode Islanders today. There are many ways to look at and aggregate information. We are offering one viewpoint and endeavor to provide as much context as possible should you wish to dive more deeply or see an alternative point-of-view.

To provide you with the most informative experience, you will find links to our glossary page explaining some of the jargon, as well as embedded links to outside research and data sites that offer more in-depth information on the data depicted in UWRI’s dashboard.

State of Economic Security

Rhode Islanders regularly have to choose between putting food on the table and keeping the lights on, or paying rent or paying for that doctor’s visit. Read more.

State of Lifelong Learning

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and a pursuit that has become increasingly necessary for success in the 21st century workforce. Read more.

State of RI Health

Chronic illness and access to preventive medical and mental health care continues to be a pressing issue for many Rhode Islanders. Read more.