Strategic Planning 2020

What changes do want to see?

We’re creating a plan that'll continue our work of changing lives and strengthening our communities — but we can’t do it alone.

We’re asking you to take part in an important conversation, one that will guide our future grantmaking, fundraising, and advocacy work.

This month, more than 40 community leaders are hosting small group discussions to find out what changes Rhode Islanders want to see.

Since we cannot reach everyone through these conversations, we're inviting community members to share their thoughts through an online survey.

During this process, we must be sure to collect as much information as possible from communities across Rhode Island.

A larger sample will allow us to more accurately set our priorities, focus our energy, and address the most critical challenges of our time.

We know that you love Rhode Island — we do too. We also know that you likely agree that we can do better. So, we have one question for you:

What changes do you want to see?

Strategic Planning Timeline

Summer 2019

  • Form Strategic Planning Committee
  • Recruit Dinner Hosts
  • Dinners begin
  • LIVE UNITED 2020 Assessment begins

Fall 2019

  • Guest Speaker events begin
  • UWRI Annual Meeting announcement
  • Review/discuss findings of Conversations
  • Develop key plan components and schedule meetings with community leaders for deeper conversations

Winter 2019-2020

  • Strategic Plan committee meetings & working sessions
  • Draft goals and objectives presented to Board
  • Approval of Draft

Spring 2020

  • Budget planning, new grant processes
  • Public announcement of new Strategic Plan

Community FIRST Conversations

Our Community FIRST Conversations create conditions that foster an open dialogue and allow for the free exchange of ideas.

  • Events are small group gatherings.
  • They're built on the idea that we can, must, and will do better, together. 
  • Participants share their experiences, stories, and are encouraged to freely imagine a better future for themselves and their communities. 
  • Those involved collectively answer questions, such as “What does the best version of your community look like?” 
  • Insight from our Community FIRST Conversations will be the foundation of United Way’s next strategic plan.  

UWRI is proud to work with the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) on the design and implementation of Community FIRST Conversations. BIF is a Rhode Island non-profit with a mission to help leaders make social system transformation safer and easier to manage. BIF brings a 14-year track record of enabling inspiring citizen-centered experiences, convening, and new service delivery models. 

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