Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.

We encourage all educators to rethink how, when, and where youth learn. Summer is a unique opportunity to provide hands-on learning opportunities for children that are both academic and fun.

Our Model


Our model is simple:
  • Bring together the best community-based professionals and the best school-day professionals.
  • Have them co-plan and co-deliver hands-on, experiential curriculum that has real-world applications for children and youth.
  • Not only are academic skills enhanced, but so are social, emotional, and 21st-century skills such as teamwork, self-discipline, persistence, and creativity.
A cornerstone of this model is the idea of relationships being built:
  • between youth (friendships can extend into the school year and beyond)
  • between adults (community-based and school day professionals understand they are serving the same children and youth and can partner year-round to support them
  • and most importantly, between youth and adults (children and youth gain advocates in both their community and school, while adults gain insight into the optimal learning styles and interests of children and youth).

Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative

In 2012, the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative (HSLI) became the basis of RIASPA’s summer learning work. With significant funding from the Hasbro Children’s Fund, United Way of Rhode Island, and the State of Rhode Island, the HSLI allowed the ALC to significantly expand its summer learning scope.

Year Programs Communities Served Youth Served
2017 14 10 1,131
2016 14 10 1,100
2015 18 13 1,613
2013 16 11 1,450
2011 2 2 160

We believe in the power of service learning, so all sites in the Initiative authentically and robustly make service learning the core of their curriculum. Children and youth, over the course of a six-week, thirty-day program, become advocates in their own learning. The curriculum’s focus on service learning allows children and youth to become more aware of their community by identifying issues and concerns and then creating active solutions that ultimately lead to stronger civic engagement.

Parent find exciting learning opportunities right here, on our afterschool and summer learning map.