Let’s change lives together

A message from Young Leaders Circle Chair, Jocelyn Kelly

President John F. Kennedy once said:

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

Welcome. I’m so pleased you’re interested in learning more about Young Leaders Circle. President Kennedy’s statement will help you better understand the central mission of YLC.

Our members volunteer and make a difference. Whether that’s giving eleven children scholarships to attend summer learning programs or providing emergency funds to six families so they’re able to keep their homes, we live our mission every day—and that’s to help our fellow Rhode Islanders.

Along with the amazing work the group does across the state, they also invest in Rhode Island’s future by helping their members grow as professionals. YLC helped me develop the confidence to lead by offering Professional Development events and giving me the opportunity to sit on the group’s Executive Committee.

YLC is a group of young, talented people building friendships that will last a lifetime—and having fun doing it. Members have challenged me to think differently and strategically, to speak up, and to always embrace new challenges.

I hope you’ll join us.

Jocelyn Kelly
Chair of the Young Leaders Circle

What to Expect
  • Helping change the lives of 250,000 Rhode Islanders
  • Developing your leadership abilities
  • Strengthening the community by volunteering
  • Meet new people and expand your network
  • Improve your professional skills
  • Have fun
Ready to Join Us?
  • Sign up now—There’s no minimum gift required. You can also contact us directly.
  • YLC members who give between $500 and $999 will receive special recognition.

Carolina CorreaCarolina Correa
Major Gifts Officer, Young Leaders Circle Manager