Solving our challenges, together

We have a plan to change the lives of 250,000 Rhode Islanders. It’s ambitious, we know. That’s why we need your help. We can’t do it alone.

By volunteering, you make a direct and immediate difference in the lives of your neighbors. (You’ll also get a cool, free tee-shirt with our LIVE UNITED motto.)

Annual Events

Every year, United Way of Rhode Island hosts events that focus on our primary goal: helping Rhode Islanders. By attending, supporting, and volunteering for these events you move us closer to achieving this goal — as a bonus, you get to meet fun people who enjoy helping others. Find out more.


United Way of Rhode Island offers many opportunities for families to volunteer together. Volunteering as a family is a great way to spend quality time, while also teaching children the importance of serving others, teamwork, and generosity. Read more.


Do you have specific skills or talents? Put them to use helping others by volunteering. There are many skills that would benefit the community: carpentry, marketing, accounting, teaching, and many more.  Learn more.


United Way of Rhode Island coordinates service projects for companies and groups looking to improve their teams while helping the community. Are you interested in a one-day team building activity, or perhaps volunteering at an annual event? We will work with you to find the right project for your team.  Get started.