Team building that truly matters.

Looking to strengthen your company’s sense of team, reinforce group bonds, and build a culture of service in your organization? Participate in activities that improve teamwork, build camaraderie, and benefit the community.

As your project consultants, United Way of Rhode Island works to determine your exact service goals and creates a personalized plan to match.

We specialize in developing a sustainable, in-house volunteer framework for your organization, customizing onsite and offsite service projects, and connecting you with a growing network of businesses and nonprofits that are changing lives in the Ocean State.

Ready to get started?

United Way's Project Consulting Team is here to help you achieve your service goals.

Take the first step to building strength through service by contacting Janice Pothier Pac at 401-444-0634.

UWRI. Fidelity Cares Day at Children's Friend