Employees serving their communities.

When a company supports United Way of Rhode Island, their employees have many convenient ways to be philanthropic, such as making a one-time gift, using payroll deduction to give regularly, and volunteering.

For many businesses, offering volunteer opportunities is a convenient way to convey the importance of social responsibility to their employees and the public.

Whether it's participating in our annual events, packaging nutrient fortified meals, working on a community farm, or cleaning a park for Earth Day, United Way of Rhode Island provides companies, and their employees, with meaningful volunteer experiences.

Skill based volunteering.

United Way of Rhode Island also offers skill-based volunteering; an opportunity for individuals, and smaller teams, to use their professional expertise to help the community.

Local nonprofits need volunteers that possess a variety of skillsets.

If your company currently hosts an annual campaign with United Way of Rhode Island, or are considering one, and would like more information about these services, please contact Janice Pothier Pac at 401-444-0634.